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The answer appears to be yes, at least among children born in August who start school in states with a Sept. The rate of ADHD diagnoses among children has risen dramatically over the past 20 years.

In alone, more than 5 percent of U.

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Experts believe the rise is fueled by a combination of factors, including a greater recognition of the disorder, a true rise in the incidence of the condition and, in some cases, improper diagnosis.

The results of the new study underscore the notion that at least in a subset of elementary school students, the diagnosis may be a factor of earlier singletrail beilstein enrollment, the research team said. Most states have arbitrary cutoff birth dates that determine which grade a child will be placed in and when they can start school. In states with a Sept.

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At this age, Layton noted, the younger child might have a harder time sitting still and concentrating for long periods of time in class. That extra amount of fidgeting may lead to a medical referral, Layton said, followed by diagnosis and treatment for ADHD. For dating harder as you get older, the researchers said, what may be normal behavior in a boisterous 6-year-old could seem relatively abnormal relative to the behavior of older peers in the same classroom.

dating harder as you get older

This dynamic may be particularly true among younger children given that an or month difference in age could lead to significant differences in behavior, the researchers added. In states that use Sept.

dating harder as you get older

No such differences were observed between children born in August and September in states with cutoff dates other than Sept. For example, 85 out of 10, students born in August were either diagnosed with or treated for ADHD, compared with 64 students per 10, born in September.

dating harder as you get older

When investigators looked at ADHD treatment only, the difference was also large—53 of 10, students born in August received ADHD medication, compared with 40 of 10, for those born in September. Canadian youth hockey leagues use Jan. In the formative early years of youth hockey, players born in the first few months of the year were older and more mature, and therefore more likely to be tracked into elite leagues, with better coaching, more time on the ice and a more talented cohort of teammates.

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Over the years this cumulative advantage gives the relatively older players an edge over their younger competitors. Similarly, Jena noted, a working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that children born just after the cutoff date for starting school tend to have better long-term educational performance than their relatively younger peers born later in the year.

ADHD diagnosis and treatment rates have also climbed dramatically over the last 20 years.

dating harder as you get older

In alone, more than 5 percent of all children in the United States were taking medication for ADHD, the authors note. All of these factors have fueled concerns over ADHD overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

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Arbitrary cutoff dates are likely just one of many variables driving this phenomenon, he added. In recent years, many states have adopted measures that hold schools accountable for identifying ADHD and give educators incentives to refer any child with symptoms suggesting ADHD for medical evaluation.

Chan School of Public Health.

dating harder as you get older

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