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Ausgabe an zwei Abenden 10 Soli und 12 Duos Soli max. Friday Programm — Chiada Rontini dances and expresses herself with great dynamic movements… she goes through a journey of meditation, temptation, dependence We hurt each other, try to catch and tear, hold and drop, just to shake our fear away. But at the end, we realise, when we close our eyes and give in to the endless flow of power in the darkness, we are safer like ever before.

So let's just trust the little light in our heart, help each other, follow each other, and continue to go forward.

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The end of the tunnel is always bright. After a short break - taking off the essence festival single day tickets 2020 - one feet doesn't want to go back into the shoe. The feet is getting alive and a fight between the woman and her feet starts!

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Who is going to win? How can I enter other spaces, situations and conflicts? All I have is empty space and by rotating around myself I have new directions and encounters. Each rotation affects my dancing and causes new events.

A different feeling, a different colour, a different image and a different dynamic.

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A living architecture of the body. The time of the duo is restricted by a clock- when it rings, the duo will end. Next to the time limit, the rhythm is dominated by the breathing of the essence festival single day tickets 2020. Experimenting with the restriction of breathing, movements follow different patterns. Additionally, the dancers are with AND in competition to each other.

Saturday Programm – 25.05.2019 (Änderungen vorbehalten)

These aspects that are rooted in urban dance battles create an intense and ongoing tension. A radical, startling staging, a reduced choreography in which only the upper body is visibly moving. From the audience's perspective and the performer's sense, we experience different formations in space. It starts from the essence of metaphysical movement as a dance performance and the relationship between looking and facing each other.

Taking it back from the start the dancer works with the image of Eve and Adam.

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What if Eve was alone in the garden? Would she have kept on eating the apple and become more and more addicted to it? They approach one another by confronting, combating, clashing, conflicting, experiencing, facing and bearing each other.

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It is a constant shift between resistance and acceptance, to finally arrive at a place of balance, humbleness and mutual understanding. Is it hiphop? Sometimes i seem to loose everything - everything I did before.

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But now I don't wanna loose my dance anymore. I will dance.

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However I want. What remains from the romanticism of the tragedy? And can hurry lead us to new aesthetics, maybe even revealing to us new dimensions of the tragedy?

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Saturday Programm — Going through moments of connection, distance, observation and a gentle disrespect, the two performers will sometimes get confused about what is real and what is ideal. We show a small percentage of our personality to others - and how little do we know about ourselves: How much does the past weigh on the present and can we overcome it to arrive in the moment?

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Everyone is being loved. A loving enemy, enemies as lovers, shooting words, kissing bombs. Presenting their bodies as an exhibition of unique and elaborative weapons. Bodies that are working together and becoming an extraordinary machine gun.

Body as an occupied territory, a fire zone, a tool of war, a tool of love. That's how sex should be. Like a sex machine. It calls for the relation between time and behavior towards one another, the feeling that is hidden beyond the language and expression of our actions and movements. It gives a poetic position to the excessiveness of living inside of ourselves. Inflamed, volatilized and unexcused dissolved.

Various Artists Around the World Sing a Medley of 'Ooh Child'

Balk or follow. Endless excuses, begging for permissions, stucked in the timing of dependencies. What if we missed the moment where we could have left? An introverted fight concentrated in a restless and constantly weighing Duett. Its sound, texture and movement generate artistic filters that the solo uses to remind us that we are part of nature.

Two persons, in a way depending on each other, still everyone in his own movie.


Special is the encounter of language and movement, appearing next to each other, on top of each other and beside each other. There is the monotony of every day life encountering the growing relation of two people attempiting to share their big need to talk.

Both of them are torn er sucht sie thüringer allgemeine instinct and logical mind, between fighting and playing, loving and hating.