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The extensive and precise distribution of The Find-It Guide guarantees that Americans in Germany are able to find your business. Commercial Section - advertising from local businesses and service providers.

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Coupons - Be more competitive, offer your customers even better deals. Military Listings - comprehensive listing of phone numbers for all military installations.

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Maps - every ad has a map reference to help customers easily find your business. All advertisers are given the option to have their own map coordinates displayed under their ad in the business listing.

Emergency numbers - on- and off-base emergency numbers for police, fire, ambulance.

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City features - cities showcase their communities, attractions and events giving Americans an insight into the country they will call home for a few years. Helpful hints - Tips for living in Germany designed to help American kaiserslautern military dating understand some of the German rules, regulations and customs.

Take a look at everything you get. Contact us to inquire about pricing and availability.

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