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Data supporting the conclusions of this article are provided within the article and its additional files or are available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request. Abstract Background The East Asian mosquito species Aedes koreicus was recorded out of its native range for the first time in Belgium in Since then, several other European populations or single individuals have been observed throughout Europe with reports from Italy, Switzerland, European Russia, Slovenia, Germany and Hungary.

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The Italian population seems to lachen flirten the only one that is expanding rapidly, so the Swiss population very likely derives from it. Results In a surveillance program for invasive mosquito species, a single larva of Ae.

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In the following year the finding was confirmed and an established population could be proven over an area of about 50 km2. The morphological identification of the first larva was confirmed by sequencing of a region within the nad4 sequence.

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A study of adult females showed that the morphological characteristics of this population are not identical to the populations from Belgium and Italy. The eggs and larvae were found together with Aedes j. Conclusions Since the newly discovered population in Germany shows different morphological characteristics to the populations in Belgium and Italy, it seems to originate from an independent introduction.

It remains unknown how the introduction took place. A further spread similar to the one in northern Italy can roth ira income limits single filer assumed for the future due to similar climatic conditions.

IB Communiqu� - June 18, 2010

Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article Keywords: Aedes koreicus, Aedes japonicus, Germany, Distribution, Morphological comparison, nad4 Background The container-breeding mosquito species Aedes Hulecoeteomyia koreicus Edwards is native to Korea, north-eastern China and hunde dating berlin Russia [ 1 ].

It is closely related to the Asian bush mosquito Aedes Hulecoeteomyia japonicus japonicus Theobaldwhich has spread over North America and central Europe in recent years [ 3 ]. Aedes koreicus is supposed to have a similar potential for becoming introduced to remote countries [ 4 ].

Indeed, this species was first discovered out of its native range in in Belgium, where it became successfully established [ 5 ].

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It is distributed over an area of only a few square kilometers and does not seem to be spreading. A second European population was found in in Italy, in Belluno Province in the north-east at the edge of the Alps [ 6 ].

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InAe. The path of introduction could not be determined and it is assumed that the species had already been present for several years. Up toit had expanded its distribution mainly into southern and western directions [ 89 ].

There were also findings in some remote areas in north-western Italy, which correspond to new records of the species in the Swiss-Italian border region in [ 10 ].

IB Communiqu� - June 18, 2010

This shows that Ae. Pluskota, unpublished observations or in Austria [ 13 ].

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This fact stands in contrast to Belgium, where the population seems to remain restricted to the primarily colonized area in an industrial zone [ 14 ]. Other reports of Ae. Little is known about the vectorial potential of Ae.

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Japanese encephalitis virus was found in field-caught specimens [ 19 ] and females can be infected with chikungunya virus [ 20 ] and microfilariae of the dog heartworm Dirofilaria immitis [ 7 ] by feeding on infected blood in the laboratory.