Single horned dinosaur

Unfortunately, Marsh died before the work was completed, and John Bell Hatcher endeavored to complete the "Triceratops" section.

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However, he died of typhus in at the age of 42, leaving the paper still uncompleted. It fell to Richard Swann Lull to complete the monograph inpublishing Hatcher's description of a skull separately and giving it the name "Diceratops hatcheri".

Since the "Diceratops" paper had been written by Hatcher, and Lull had only contributed the name and published the paper after Hatcher's death, Lull was not quite as convinced of the distinctiveness of "Diceratops", thinking it primarily pathological.

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ByLull had had second thoughts about "Diceratops" being a distinct genus and he put it in a subgenus of " Triceratops ": "Triceratops" "Diceratops"including "T. Description The poorly preserved skull is the only fossil referred to "Diceratus".

Like Hatcher's other "Triceratops" skulls, it was found in eastern Wyoming. Superficially, it resembles that of "Triceratops", but on closer examination, it is definitely odd: there is just a rounded stump where the nasal horn should be and the occipital brow horns stand almost vertically. Compared to other "Triceratops" skulls, it is single horned dinosaur larger than average 2.

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There also are large holes in the frill, unlike other "Triceratops" skulls known. Some of these may be pathological, others seem to be genetic.

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Several authors have suggested that "Diceratus" may be directly ancestral to "Triceratops", or perhaps its nearest relative. Classification "Diceratus" belonged to the Ceratopsia the name is Greek for "horned faces", "Keratopia"a group of herbivorous dinosaurs with parrot -like beaks which thrived in North America.

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