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The station building is located to the south and has the address of Bahnhofplatz 6. History[ edit ] UntilMühldorf was just a small town with just under 2, inhabitants.

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Only the railway connection would bring a substantial boost to its economy and its population. In the following years citizens' initiatives supporting the construction of a railway to Mühldorf were formed. Mühldorf at the time was in the so-called "rail-less square", the boundaries of this square were the cities of SalzburgRosenheimMunichLandshut and Passau.

There had been different proposals for the construction of lines from FreilassingTraunstein and Rosenheim to Regensburg or from Munich to Freilassing or Passau.

The decision single trostberg finally made in favour of a route from Munich via Mühldorf and Simbach towards Austria, which would also relieve the existing Munich—Rosenheim — Salzburg line.

Der Auftritt im Trostberger Postsaal ist gleichzeitig ein Neuanfang für die Jährige, die künftig ohne ihre Schwester Sarah auf der Bühne stehen wird.

A law of 5 October authorised the construction of a line from Munich to the Austrian border in Simbach. The decision to pass through Mühldorf was made later.

Führerstandsmitfahrt Mühldorf - Trostberg

Finally, an alignment via Markt SchwabenDorfen and Mühldorf was selected. The line was extended a month later to Simbach.

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Citizens' initiative committees were established and shortly before the inaugural of Mühldorf Gustav von Schlör Bavarian Minister for Trade and Public Works —71 was appointed an honorary citizen because of his support for the project, which would make Mühldorf station a railway junction.

Traffic at junction station continued to grow during the coming years.

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It was originally planned that the newly opened railway lines would use single trostberg single platform next to the station building, but the railway tracks soon proved to be no longer sufficient. As a result, five platform tracks were established, two tracks single trostberg through freight and four terminating sidings for freight.

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A local freight yard was built opposite the station building. A locomotive shelter was built east of the station for the Bavarian Eastern Railway.

The station single trostberg the starting point of further lines.

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A line was opened on 1 September from Neumarkt St. Veit to Pocking and it was extended to Passau in On 8 October this was followed by a line to Landshutbut this also branched in Neumarkt-Sankt Veit from the Mühldorf—Plattling line.

A line to Altötting was completed on 1 May This was extended on 9 August to Burghausen to form the Mühldorf—Burghausen railway.

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On 14 Novemberthe Traunstein—Garching railway was opened to Traunsteinbranching off the Mühldorf—Freilassing line in Garching. Freight traffic of great importance was also won in the s as a result of the development of the Bavarian Chemical Triangle. Thus a new marshalling yard needed to be built.

This was opened in as Germany's most modern yard.


This was controlled by 11 electro-mechanical interlockingswhich had been reduced to eight in One of these is now a museum signal box. This section is still used by freight traffic. Inthe old station building was demolished and replaced by a new one.

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Infrastructure[ edit ] The platforms are fully accessible. All platforms are equipped with digital train destination indicators. The station building is open to the public and it contains a ticket office, a kiosk and a waiting room.

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