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History[ edit ] While the product started out as a pure screen recording utility known as Flashcam Nexus Concepts , it evolved into an E-learning authoring tool after San Diego -based eHelp Corporation acquired Flashcam and released it as RoboDemo. Eventually, software firm Macromedia acquired eHelp to gain RoboDemo. Shortly before Adobe Systems acquired Macromedia, they changed the name of the product to Captivate.

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Adobe Captivate 5. Basic shapes Cannot have interactive object in master slide Summary Basically its exactly the same as a PowerPoint, just with added video export and quizzes. Its a program meant for dummy who can't use more powerful application for better interactivity. If its just for simple animation, video tutorial or presentation with add-on quiz capability, use it. Otherwise there's plenty better other tools out there. The money is just not worth when you can make do with simple PowerPoint presentation. Read replies 2 Reply by bajenkins on January 29, This is not an accurate review.


Adobe Captivate 2017 for Beginners - Creating your first eLearning project (Webinar Recording)

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