Adobe dreamweaver cs5.5 discount

Adobe dreamweaver cs5.5 discount

Design view now supports media queries, applying different styles as you adjust screen dimensions. Convert your existing HTML to a mobile phone application within Dreamweaver using the open source PhoneGap framework Adobe BrowserLab integration Preview dynamic web pages and local content with multiple viewing, diagnostic, and comparison tools. Use media queries to write and render separate styles for each device Extend your reach Take advantage of site-specific code hinting to write pages more quickly and work with third-party content management frameworks. Deliver clean code with integrated World Wide Web Consortium W3C live validation What customers say Kim, US Although I had a problem with the download, the support team helped me immediately and the problem was solved. Thank you, I am a satisfied customer. Bob, DE Support was very helpful in installing the program I bought.

Cheap Adobe dreamweaver cs5.5 discount

Applies to: Adobe Dreamweaver Note: This page does NOT tell you how to use those features. For more information about any of the new features, click the corresponding links provided. You can also watch a CS5 feature overview , or a CS5. When testing for devices that change page orientation based on how the device is held, use the landscape and portrait options during preview.

Media query support Use media queries to customize the appearance of your site for different screen resolutions. For more information, see Creating media queries CS5. Web applications for mobile devices Quickly design a web application that works on most mobile devices using the jQuery Mobile widget.

For more information, see Creating web applications for mobile devices CS5. For more information, see Packaging web applications as native mobile applications CS5. Starter layouts are also available for building HTML5 pages from scratch. With BrowserLab you can preview web pages and local content using multiple viewing and comparison tools. See BrowserLab. Business Catalyst integration Adobe Business Catalyst is a hosted application that replaces traditional desktop tools with one, central platform for web designers.

The application works hand-in-hand with Dreamweaver, and lets you build everything from basic data-driven websites to powerful online stores. See http: Disabling a CSS property simply comments out the specified property without actually deleting it.

CSS Inspection Inspect mode lets you visually display the CSS box model properties—including padding, border, and margin—in detail without reading code or requiring a separate third-party utility such as Firebug.

The complex descendent selectors from the CS4 layouts have been removed and replaced with simplified, easy-to-understand classes. See Create a page with a CSS layout. By default Dreamweaver supports file discovery for the Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla!

CMS frameworks. See Open Dynamically-Related Files. Live view navigation Live view navigation activates links in Live view, allowing you to interact with server-side applications and dynamic data.

The feature also allows you to enter a URL to inspect pages served from a live web server and edit pages you have browsed to if they exist in one of your locally defined sites. See Previewing pages in Dreamweaver. PHP custom class code hinting PHP custom class code hinting displays the proper syntax for PHP functions, objects, and constants, helping you type more accurate code.

Code hinting also works with your own custom functions and classes, as well as third-party frameworks, such as the Zend framework. Simplified site setup The newly redesigned Site Definition dialog box now the Site Setup dialog box makes it easier to set up a local Dreamweaver site so that you can start building web pages right away.

The remote server category lets you specify your remote and testing servers in one view. See Set up a local version of your site and Connect to a remote server. Theme files for blogs and other custom PHP files and directories can be included or excluded as sources for code-hints. See Site-specific code hints.

Subversion support enhancements Dreamweaver CS5 expands its support for Subversion, allowing you to move, copy, and delete files locally, and then synchronize changes with your remote SVN repository. The new Revert command allows you to quickly correct tree conflicts or rollback to a previous version of a file.

Additionally, a new extension allows you to specify which version of Subversion you would like to work with on a given project. Deprecated features The following features have been deprecated as of Dreamweaver CS5: Accessibility validation report.

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