Adobe framemaker 10

Adobe framemaker 10

Adobe denied these rumors in , later releasing FrameMaker 8 at the end of July , FrameMaker 9 in , FrameMaker 10 in , FrameMaker 11 in , FrameMaker 12 in , FrameMaker ( release) in June , FrameMaker in January , and FrameMaker in August License: Trialware. Get started with Adobe FrameMaker. Find tutorials, the user guide, answers to common questions, and help from the community forum. Apr 27,  · Adobe FrameMaker 8 is not working on windows 10 OS. Please help us to resolve the issue. We have already try some setting like compatibility mode but no luck.

Save time with single sourcing, and better manage and repurpose existing content through out-of-the-box content repository integration. Top 25 reasons to upgrade to Adobe FrameMaker 10 Usability enhancements — Work more efficiently with standards-compliant, prebuilt tools and templates designed for easier authoring. Use utilities like Auto Spell Check, Highlight Support, scrolling for lengthy dialogue, and enhanced Find and Replace to get the job done faster and smarter.

Extended rich media support — Select the right format and import a range of media files into Adobe FrameMaker Automation through scripting — Easily automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks through advanced scripting support with ExtendScript. Run scripts for simple tasks from within Adobe FrameMaker or through the ExtendScript Toolkit to eliminate manual effort and increase productivity. Standards support for DITA 1. Tools for easy DITA specialization — Easily meet consistency and authoring needs as well as specific output requirements while retaining the advantages of your existing DITA architecture by specializing DITA to create customized information models.

Filtering by attribute — Take advantage of support for multivalued attributes and the ability to import expressions from one document to another. Enhanced tag view — Easily view all elements in a collapsible format, even in document view; hide or collapse parent and child elements individually or simultaneously; and search through and open elements, including those that are collapsed.

Enhanced attribute editor — Define and edit attributes for declarations in markup to perform multiple functions: Record the status of content within elements, allow cross-referencing between elements, or specify how to format an element. Structure-level comparison of documents — Compare any two documents through the Compare Documents user interface — changes will be marked through Track Text Edits in the composite document.

Multiple topicref insertion — Save time by inserting multiple topicrefs in one move. Select from one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly high-volume publication tasks.

Repeat Last Operation — Quickly redo or correct errors with the powerful Repeat Last Operation feature, which allows you to repeat the last operation performed, from current insertions to text or object selections. Change tracking at book level — Save time with a host of powerful features to review and track changes across an entire book.

Use review icons to navigate through a review by accepting individual changes or all changes, and view and edit changes from selected users. Table catalog creation — Manage and apply table formats with enhanced table catalog creation. View all table formats present in your document and apply or delete them easily. Formats and format overrides — Manage formats for paragraphs, characters, and tables from the existing catalog or create custom lists to be displayed. You can also create new formats and delete or override those that are unused or not useful.

Easy-to-use RM view — Move back to the RM view in a single click, and take advantage of support for additional child and sibling elements. Conditional expressions — Generate conditional output using conditional tags combined with Boolean operators, and manage existing build expression.

Alert suppression — Choose from a select list of alerts to disable those that you do not wish to see repeated. Text drag and drop and background color — Drag text, elements, and rows and columns from tables and drop them into new documents or applications to save time. Use the Background Color feature to emphasize and highlight important sections of text by adding color to the background, whether for sections of text or paragraphs.

Supported authoring environments.

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Boost performance with an all-new bit FrameMaker. Create rich, immersive content with unmatched image handling capabilities. Push the envelope with new capabilities built on top of the latest technologies. Turbocharge your content creation With an all-new bit architecture, you can significantly boost productivity with more memory for long, complex documents. Work with images like never before with support for transparency, high quality import and other striking enhancements. Open up a world of possibilities with the latest technologies, modern libraries, Duden hyphenation and spell-checking support and more. Accelerate your publishing.

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