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All text is searchable, and you can attach PDF files to your drawings for better performance. Smart Dimensioning Automatically create appropriate measurements based on your drawing context. Pass the cursor over selected objects to get a preview of the dimension—before you create it. Stunning Visual Experience See the details in your designs more clearly with visual enhancements such as Line Fading. Readability is now enhanced with true curves instead of line segments. Minimize the need to undo an operation by using Command Preview, which lets you see the results of a command before you commit to it. Move and copy large selection sets more easily.

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Will re-consider it for the next revision. AV Comparitives dot org has rated Bitdefender as among the top (Advanced) in real time protection.

I have been using it and it is a minimalist AV, Firewall, Spam Blocker and Web protection all in one with negligible system resources at use. I cannot believe that the above list excludes Bitdefener.

Easeus applications are good and practical and I like them but when I installed one of their HDD clone software apps, it damaged my DLL files. It also tried to evasively install something called "My Radio". I do not like program trying to install apps like that.

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