Autodesk Autocad Map 3d 2010 Sale

Autodesk autocad map 3d 2010 sale

Cache files remain in MapCache directory. Known Issue: If you close the program without saving your drawing, the cache files remain in the MapCache directory. To clear the MapCache directory, turn off autosave. Intersection overlay does not create output file. Doing an intersection overlay on a data set fails to create the output file.

Currently, a workaround is not available. Doing an overlay on certain data sets causes the program to display a "Duplicate Object" error. Doing an overlay on the following data sets causes the program to display a "Dupticate Object" error message: General Creating vector layers no longer causes a memory leak.

The program no longer closes unexpectedly if it has been running for a long time or the user has loaded a large data set that results in a higher address value.

Previously, when you used overlay the program closed unexpectedly. Using Intersect Overlay on the Harris data set with zipcodep and parcels layers no longer causes your map to disappear.

Using overlay on the complete Harris County database no longer causes the program to fail unexpectedly. Overlaying files with dense data no longer causes the program to close unexpectedly. Doing an intersection overlay on the Walton County. SHP file now works as expected.

Doing an overlay analysis on an intersection now works as expected. You no longer receive a message stating that you do not have enough memory to complete the analysis.

The X marker now displays the correct value in non-WCS. A feature that is joined to a source is no longer deleted when it is from a different feature class. Editing primary table attibutes that are not part of a joined layer now works as expected. An issue with opening the Overlay Input dialog box has been resolved.

Previously, the layer and feature class settings did not display and the program closed unexpectedly. Clicking the vertex layer of a multipolygon no longer causes the program to close unexpectedly. The number of temporary point symbols that display is now the same as the temporary symbols of the resulting point. Previously, selecting all layers and turning them off caused the program to run slowly. Loading a layer file with joined layers no longer causes the program to close unexpectedly.

An issue with loading a dump file and connecting to the schema has been resolved. Previously, some of the schema features did not display correctly and the data set was unusable. FDO Raster Converting a new image to a grid layer no longer causes the program to close unexpectedly. GIS Joins Previously, when you selected Preview before launching the Context Menu, and then created a join between layers with multiple objects the program closed unexpectedly.

Previously, the point type data column did not contain any data. After importing a DGN file, all characters are displayed correctly. Selectable now works when calling MgLayer. Schema Editor Importing a schema while creating a SDF file now displays the correct attribute values. Survey Adding bulk copied survey data to your map now works as expected. The data store structure displays in the Survey tab.

If you use the JOIN command on splines, a duplicate control point is inserted. You can only orbit around a single pivot point and you cannot orbit around a specific object in a large group of objects. Annotation Scaling When there are xrefs in a drawing, changing annotation scales takes a long time. When an annotative style multiline text mtext is rotated or surrounded by a hatch, the boundary box does not display correctly.

Blocks When you turn off the display of an attribute with a visibility parameter in a dynamic block, the Enhanced Attribute Editor lists attribute prompts incorrectly. You cannot use the Properties palette to set the value of a action parameter to 0. When you delete a constraint parameter from a dynamic block, AutoCAD may crash. You cannot stretch some dynamic blocks as expected. Toolbar flyouts close unexpectedly. Data Extraction When you use Data Extraction to extract the value of a block's multiline attribute into a table, text formatting code displays in the table.

Digital Signature When you open a drawing, the Invalid signature dialog box may display even if the digital signature is valid. Dimensions You cannot create an angular dimension between two lines in different XY planes. External References You may not be able to bind multiple xrefs that include nested xrefs. Find and Replace If you use Find and Replace, autonumbering is deleted. General UI On the status bar, the model or paperspace button may be missing, even after you have repeatedly turned it on.

Graphic System When the background color is changed in an active paperspace viewport, the cursor disappears. When you grip edit a hatch with an elliptical boundary, AutoCAD crashes.

TIFF images may not display correctly. Keyboard Modifiers When temporary overrides are enabled, keyboard input using the Shift key may not display on the command line. Layers Xrefs on locked layers do not display faded as expected. When you delete a certain layer, all layers may be deleted. On the ribbon, the Layer drop-down does not display layers based on the current layer filter. Licensing When you set your system time back more than 2 days, your license is broken.

When you use a proxy server for internet access, the License Transfer Utility fails. The tooltip result is incorrect. When you use the DIST command in model space, the results at the tooltip and the command line are different.

Multileader mleader When you mirror mleaders that contain blocks with multiline attributes, the mirrored attributes are incorrectly justified. When a drawing that contains layers with names that include special characters is exported as a PDF, it cannot be opened. When you attach a large PDF file to your drawing, or try to attach it and then cancel the operation, performance is slow. Purge On Windows Vista, in the Purge dialog box, when you attempt to use the Ctrl or Shift keys to select multiple items, the first highlighted item is de-selected.

Other instances are rejected and an error message displays. Ribbon Text styles from an attached xref display in the Ribbon text style control.

After you unload a partial CUI file, a tab remains on the ribbon. If you click the tab, AutoCAD crashes. Snaps When you snap to the grid, there may be a slight offset from the grid.

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