Nikon Capture NX-D

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Straightforward and intuitive, Capture NX2 frees you to concentrate on working with tone and color, allowing you to develop your images according to the classic principle of emphasizing and enhancing specific points of interest. U PointTM Technology provides invisible, intelligent assistance to power a comprehensive range of tools for image-enhancement. U-PointTM offers easy selection of points-of-interest in your image with intuitive, easy adjustment of contrast, brightness and saturation, effective correction of unwanted red-eye, and precise adjustment of color balance. Simply click on the area you want to edit and adjust the sliders to see the effect of your corrections, instantly.

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It's not a replacement for Capture NX2, though, because it's far less powerful. Essentially, it's a raw enhancement and batch conversion tool for Nikon cameras. It can work on JPEGs too, but the options for improving your images are more limited. Capture NX-D offers a greater range of enhancement tools than ViewNX 2 and swaps to a more modern approach to non-destructive adjustments. These are now saved to 'sidecar' files in a folder with your original images, where ViewNX 2 wrote the adjustments directly into the file header — that's considered bad practice.

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