Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac moves to Metal for DirectX 11 and more

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Terms of use. Many AAA titles never launch on Mac, and those that do often arrive late. Parallels just announced a new version of its Mac software that makes gaming performance better, so you might not have to wait for a buggy Mac port. Until the early s, using a Mac meant locking yourself away from the Windows software ecosystem. Then, Apple switched to the Intel x86 architecture in , and Parallels was ready a few months later with its Windows virtualization suite for OS X as it was known at the time.

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Powered by trusted reviews What is Parallels Desktop 12? Parallels Desktop 12 is the annual upgrade to the virtual machine software that lets you run Windows apps directly on OS X as if they were native. Alternative ways to run Windows on your Mac While Parallels 11 was an essential upgrade for many, bringing Coherence support to Windows 10 , Parallels 12 is much more of a modest update.


How to Install Windows 10 on Your Mac Using Parallels Desktop 11

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