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I don't know what the future will be. It may be that we will use a lot of PuHS because it can do both short cycle work (late night to morning demand) and very deep backup due to large reservoir size. Or maybe flow battery price will come down and be the "short and long" choice. Other batteries (lithium-ion, zinc, liquid metal) may dominate because we may find a different deep storage technology such as synfuel or biomass to be the most affordable.

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Komplete 5 , Kore2 , Ohmicide, GS In short, a config 'powerful and good stuff I've never been entitled to a stable software, the updates have changed nothing. Charles will understand Sonar is fickle, I lost count of the blue screens. If I make up to samples latency I can not do a solo or mute the audio without answers. Engine stalls during playback are also legions. When I open the window of an instrument by clicking on the track south of I'm entitled to a strong buzz that the time window opens All this unbearable to use

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