Discount Price Zonealarm Extreme Security 2010

Discount price zonealarm extreme security 2010

Part of our comparison included downloaded trial versions on our personal home computers, laptops and mobile devices to get a good sense of how these programs work in a real-life situation. We learned valuable insights such as how a business internet connection versus a home network affects how well the programs run. Our testing included installing the firewall software on various devices and setting kids loose on YouTube or gaming sites.

Others kids used the devices for school research. Based on these tests, we can confidently recommend programs that are good for mobile devices, such as Kaspersky Internet Security. For devoted gamers we suggest Avast Internet Security. And for good parental controls, check out Norton Security Premium. What Is Personal Firewall Software?

Personal firewall software acts like a gatekeeper for a single device and gives you lots of ways to customize your security settings. Personal firewalls keep sensitive information from leaving your computer and stop unauthorized apps from sneaking onto your computer. For example, the integrated Wi-Fi monitor offers a way to see if anyone is trying to connect to your Wi-Fi network or to your PC using a Wi-Fi connection.

The firewall's Game Mode is another plus. Most online games work best when a firewall is disabled; however, users can easily forget to turn the firewall back on once they're done playing.

The Game Mode acts like a switch that allows games to function and then returns the firewall to full functionality once a game is over. Parental controls support multiple users, multiple policies and multiple exceptions, allowing you to set up custom access for each minor that might use your PC.

BitDefender's antispam capabilities work with Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Thunderbird; it will analyze e-mail messages and send spam into a "Deleted Items" folder. If you use a different e-mail client, you can use message rules to route obvious spam into a junk folder. Usability BitDefender Internet Security includes some major enhancements to improve the ease of installation and ease of use.

Product specs Company: During the install, you choose from four user types typical, parent, gamer or custom and three interface levels novice, intermediate or expert. It basically comes down to what type of user you are -- do you want the product to just do its job behind the scenes, or do you want an active hand in what is happening?

I installed BitDefender using the "typical" and "expert" choices and found the custom interface straightforward to work with. The interface is laid out clearly and most functions are easy to locate and find -- although it does not offer the same level of polish and integrated help as some other products on the market. For example, BitDefender does not offer context-sensitive help that can drill down farther into definitions of the problem and recommended actions.

The interface has features buried under menus and has some elements hidden under submenus. But on the whole, BitDefender Internet Security should not be difficult to master. If you do run into problems, the company offers excellent tech support resources. The company also offers a wealth of resources on its Web site, ranging from searchable documents to a user forum. Luckily, the product builds a list of all the "scanned good" files on the system and can skip rescanning those files in the future.

Although details are sketchy, users can expect faster scan speeds and improvements in spyware detection that minimize false positives, as well as an antispam component that supports more e-mail clients out of the box. Conclusion BitDefender Internet Security comes in at a lower price than its competitors and offers all of the needed security features for the typical desktop user.

However, it lacks the polish of some of the other products on the market. Its premium PC product is Kaspersky Internet Security , which offers a comprehensive suite of security features that should meet any PC user's needs. Internet protection Most users will like how Kaspersky's firewall works.

It's easy to define simple firewall policies, yet you can delve deeper down into the firewall functions and block individual ports, requests or other types of traffic. Like BitDefender, Kaspersky has a digital sandbox -- it's called Safe Run -- that allows you to run new applications and browser sessions in a sandbox. I found that the firewall was less intrusive than others on the market, thanks mostly to its efficient use of its whitelist of approved programs.

The product also offers antispam capabilities which, unlike some other antispam tools, work with IMAP-based e-mail accounts as well as common POP3 accounts. Users in households with underage humans will appreciate the parental controls, which are easy to set up and are capable of blocking access to the Web by categories or even by a schedule -- making sure that innocent eyes don't glance upon the seamy side of the Web.

And an integrated link scanner warns users of suspect Web sites and other browser-related issues before an actual problem arises. Usability Of the suites reviewed here, Kaspersky Internet Security was one of the easiest to install. A wizard steps you through the process, and only one reboot is required. The default settings and policies will prove quite adequate for most users. The software proved to be relatively easy to work with as well -- most of the typical technobabble has been eliminated and plain English explanations abound, making it easy for even people who are new to PC security to effectively configure the software.

For those who need help, Kaspersky offers several options for support: Users also have the option of accessing a community of users, where they can get advice from Kaspersky staffers. The interface contains several submenus and is divided up cleanly by task. This is a logical requirement given the fact that the creators have to get something from their work. You may also be invited to join some programs and that is all very well as long as you understand the kind of obligations that it entails.

Trial periods end and the creator will expect that you will be kind enough to join their program. Cleaning purposes: If you are looking to sort out a system that is already infected then the Malwarebytes 1. In particular it has been commended for dealing with scare-ware, a form of threat that forces you to take actions that you would otherwise not undertake under the pretext of a pretentious threat.

Try the Trend Micro HouseCall 7. Its problem is that lack of real time capabilities.

You get over 20 creative apps that work together across devices. Start a project on your phone and finish it on your laptop. Access your favorite graphics and fonts from any app. And share your work ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Discount from anywhere/10(). Discount ZoneAlarm Extreme Security This is a truly user friendly Security Suite that offers the renowned Zone Alarm Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, e-mail protection, identity protection, Parental Control, & most of all Browser Security!/10(). ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Discount. This is a truly user friendly Security Suite that offers the renowned Zone Alarm Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, e-mail protection, identity protection, Parental Control, & most of all Browser Security!/10().

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ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

Review Security Suites: Big Protection, Little Fuss Just a few short years ago, all a PC needed for protection was a basic antivirus program to guard against any malware that arrived via an e-mail attachment, embedded in a shareware application or piggy-backed on a floppy disk. Computerworld Jul 28, 8: These days, however, the threat landscape has changed drastically. Now PC users have to cope not only with viruses, but also with spyware, spam, infected Web sites, adware, key loggers, phishing schemes and much, much more. It's enough to make your head spin. As a result, properly securing a PC now requires a layered approach that incorporates many security technologies. Although some are still sold in separate packages, most security products are currently gathered in suites, available from a multitude of security software vendors.


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