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More importantly, these models can be used to influence the build process. Simulations of the build process develop machine parameters-as many as 130 unique variables-before the part reaches production.

34 These parameters are passed into the machine in a process known as feed-forward control, which allows manufacturers the ability to create higher-quality parts with minimized post-production steps. Between traditional computation analysis and the AM-build simulations, a body of knowledge is generated that includes insights into material properties, 36 performance testing data, and predictive models for purposes of future maintenance scheduling and cost of ownership management.

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FontLab or Fontographer? Fontographer or FontLab? We need to get this question out of the way before we get started. Personally, I started in Fontographer in the early s and gradually built a little sideline of designing fonts. They were selling a little on Myfonts. This transformed my career. I learned how to write OpenType features. I learned how to carefully and professionally hand space fonts. It was eight years of hard work. It was and is still surprisingly popular.

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