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New features like variable width strokes, Bristle Brush, Perspective Grid, anti-aliasing text for the Web, Flash Catalyst integration, and better performance make Illustrator CS5 a compelling upgrade. Stroke revival Among the most noticeable improvements in Illustrator CS5 are those applied to the painting system. These include variable-width strokes, stretch control for brushes, brush corner control, enhanced dashed lines and arrowheads, and a new tool, the Bristle Brush. First among the new features is the ability to vary the weight or thickness of strokes from start to finish. To make use of this new feature, begin by creating a path—open or closed—and assigning a stroke color to that path. Each stroke may also have multiple width points, enabling subtle or dramatic oscillation of a single stroke. You can even save stroke width alterations as profiles that can be applied from the Stroke panel to other paths.

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