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That's how the market for general purpose desktop virtualization packages is shaping up, at least for the foreseeable future. And in keeping with many such situations -- where a single product dominates the high end and everyone else tries to find a viable niche -- the two players couldn't be more dissimilar. In Lane One you have VMware Workstation, the pedigreed blue-blood of desktop virtualization solutions. If there is a bell or whistle VMware missed, I can't spot it.

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Great Deals Vmware Workstation 6.5

However, the non-disclosure agreement that governs beta participation has prevented me from doing so. This is good!

However, in some cases, the result in testing is so good that having the ability to migrate a virtual machine into a production environment would be ideal and be the easiest way to accomplish a goal. Remote management With Workstation 8, you can remotely connect to virtual machines hosted on other copies of VMware Workstation on the network.

Imagine the possibilities here with regard to a shared development environment; multiple developers can more easily share virtual machines among all members of the team. Further, with Workstation 8, you can now connect to virtual machines that are running on vSphere either directly or via vCenter.

This capability brings Workstation further into the realm of enterprise computing. Although desktop virtualization products such as Workstation, Fusion, Oracle VirtualBox and Microsoft Virtual PC have long had a place in many a test lab, these products have been unable to run some key workloads. VT-x, an Intel technology, and AMD-V, from AMD, have the same goal in mind — provide hardware-based processor extensions that enable and improve the performance of virtual workloads.

Obviously, there is more to these technologies, but the point here is that, in the past, although a host processor might support VT-x or AMD-V, these extensions have not been exposed or available for use by a guest operating system.

With VMware Workstation 8, this is all changed. For testers everywhere, this is a significant enhancement. Figure 1: Until now. VMware Workstation 8 adds a lot of features intended to expand the portfolio of services that can be run on the platform.

HD audio. Many Bluetooth devices can now be paired with Windows guests. USB 3. The major caveat here is that USB 3. Linux guests running kernel version 2. A virtual machine can now support up to 64 GB of RAM, which makes it possible to run pretty significant workloads inside Workstation.

Add up to eight virtual processors to a virtual machine. Figure 2: You can see the new interface in Figure 3. Figure 3: VMware Workstation 8 interface On the interface shown in Figure 3, you see that there are four tabs across the to of the main part of the window: The Home tab is selected in Figure 3 and provides you with a place from which you can manage most aspects of Workstation 8.

Shared VMs. Manage any shared virtual machines present in Workstation 8. My Computer. On the My Computer tab, you can see the various virtual machines that are present on the local system.

As shown in Figure 4 below, you can see your virtual machine inventory in a thumbnail view. Windows Server R2 x Individual virtual machines can show up in tabs across the top of the Workstation window. You can see this in Figure 5. Figure 4: Figure 5: A virtual machine desktop Virtual hardware compatibility In Figure 2 earlier in this article, you saw a screenshot of the Create New Virtual Machine wizard that outlined the capabilities of a virtual machine created with the latest hardware level.

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