Macromates textmate

Macromates textmate

The UNIX underpinnings of macOS allows custom actions to be written in any language that can work with stdin, stdout, and environment variables, and for complex interactions TextMate expose both WebKit and a dialog framework for Mac-native or HTML-based interfaces. MacroMates TextMate is a robust text editor that enables various tasks, such as source code editing, writing screenplays, running SQL queries, and creating blog entries. The program supports all major programming languages and runs on the Mac platform/5(70). TextMate is a general-purpose GUI text editor for macOS created by Allan Odgaard. TextMate features declarative customizations, tabs for open documents, recordable macros, folding sections, snippets, shell integration, and an extensible bundle yxjmzn.mee: GNU General Public License, Proprietary.

Download Recent Releases 2. Allow loading plug-ins not signed by Apple nor MacroMates. File permission flags were lost when saving using the default atomic save algorithm. See all changes since v2. After far too long, there is no longer any qualifier sufin the version string, so it is now finally just TextMate 2.

I am grateful to everybody who has submitted a pull request, but the following people deserve a special mention: Ronald Wampler is just an all around great contributor. Not everything on the wishlist made it into 2. Add even more deoutput for when TextMate is activated via mate. Look for numeric prewhen duplicating a file and increase it if found. Add more deoutput for when TextMate is activated via mate. Miscellaneous minor and tweaks. Saving a file would lose the existing file s permission flags.

Some UI for Implement accessibility rotor for document symbols. Explanation here. Improve UI for tagging files file browser action menu.

The document tabs have been moved to the titlebar, this means that file browser header can no longer be merged with the tab bar, automatically hiding the tab bar when there is only one tab is only possible when running macOS The last one will be in an upcoming build to have active tab use titlebar material.

The first one is probably not coming back anytime soon. File browser now supports setting multiple tags on items instead of the previous single label system. If you do work with a lot of file packages and need to descend into these, be aware that it is also possible to hold option when you either double-click the item s label or single click the icon, to descend into the file package. The list of default file globs used when searching folders can be set, e.

Be aware though that unique history is kept per folder, to clear your history run: Completely overhauled the file browser: Little difference from the user s POV but the performance characteristics may have changed slightly, please report any to the mailing list or support. Furthermore, we no longer support saved searches or alias files. If you use any of these things, please let us know.

Misclassification of file encoding for documents saved with TextEdit. Potential deadlock when using T just after loading a new document. There appears to be no way to dynamically opt out of thumbnail generation, therefor we ve had to remove support for previewing files without extension. Don t add non-existing files to Open Recent menu, as they will result in duplicates.

This is the same bundle identifier as TextMate 1. The changed bundle identifier may cause a compatibility with third party software, particularly software that offers an Open in TextMate 2 , there is unfortunately no nice solution to this problem other than request that the software is updated to use the new old bundle identifier. Bundles are no longer read from the Avian folder.

You should have been prompted about moving them, if you had any. The reason we initially used the Avian folder was so that people could still use TextMate 1.

If you have a reason, please let us know so that we can hopefully address it. This refers to the selected items in the file browser, which can be files and folders everything selected will be searched.

If there is no selection, it will use the file browser s location. Minor tweaks and incl. I normally do not mention in the release notes but since this is a regular release primarily meant to address some reported, I am making an exemption. Use en-space instead of em-space for estimating how many columns fits the screen relevant when soft wrapping text using a proportional width font.

Doing a folder search followed by Replace All would not do any replacements in inactive tabs. Using the indented line movement actions when there was a column selection would not split the column selection into multiple carets one per line. Documents that caused the encoding dialog to show could cause TextMate to freeze. Commands with tool tip output would sometimes cause the insertion point to temporarily stop blinking. The release version of the Emmet TextMate plug-in crashes on launch and has done so for years, so it is now blacklisted by default.

There is a new version linked to from this GitHub which does work. If you are using that version, you can clear TextMate s blacklist by running this in a termina: This protocol is used by sftp browsers and similar to offer an Open in TextMate.

If you see any with third party software using Open in TextMate then please let us know, preferably by using the mailing list. Scope selector match. File type match. So if you put: It is worth mentioning though that all settings are actually evaluated, this is mainly useful for variables, for example we can do: The latter will show how the settings are ordered.

Document settings targeted at file types e. Improve folder search performance for large documents with few newlines and lots of matches.

You can now double click parentheses, braces etc. Optionally draw a vertical line for every tab stop View Show Indent Guides. Font size can now be selected in the print dialog.

It was previously possible to open a document in a new project by supplying a project UUID not in use, e. Now only a zero-UUID will trigger this behavior, e. Heuristic to detect line terminators has been changed: This only affect files with mixed line terminators. Searching files on disk Find in Folder and selecting results from files with mixed line terminators could in rare situations bring you to the wrong line in the document. This should now be. The managed themes all indicate light and dark in their semantic class.

The Spelling sub-menu now has an option to follow the spelling panel s language selection and will show the current value of the spelling panel. Using Automatic by Language currently require setting TextMate to follow the spelling panel s value and then selecting this option in the spelling panel.

Dictionary lookup could crash when used on an empty string. TextMate now supports Force Click to look up words. Clicking the file browser with the mouse now always moves focus to the file browser.

See commit message for further explanation. The file browser is now view-based instead of cell-based. The main feature is that renaming an item should no longer be involuntarily aborted when there are disk changes , though there are also some minor interaction changes and more animations plus labels are rendered r to how Finder has shown them since You can now use V in the file browser to move the item on the clipboard to the current folder.

Double-tapping shift will now also leave freehanded mode. Support spell checking being automatic by language. This is set via the spelling panel. It defaults to 0. If you want line numbers to be same size as main text, run the following in a terminal: The main feature is that renaming an item should no longer be involuntarily aborted when there are disk changes , though there are also some minor interaction changes and more animations plus labels are rendered closer to how Finder has shown them since It is now possible to double-tap the shift key to either deselect the last discontinuous selection made, e.

Additionally, when there are multiple carets, double-tapping shift will remove all but the first caret. This is useful if your macro copies content to the find or replace clipboard. Now it will start with the word touched by the caret.

This way, it is possible to type a word and immediately check it, without first moving to the beginning of the word. Alternatively one can press F2 to show the context menu for the word at the caret, which includes spelling suggestions, incase the word is misspelled.

Running a command that takes selection as input when there are discontinuous selections will now join the selections with LF and provide it all to the command. Furthermore, the result from the command will be split on LF and replace the respective selections.

When holding down command and clicking an existing selection, we now undo that selection. This is useful when creating discontinuous selections with the mouse. Clicking middle mouse button on a tab is now shorthand for closing the tab. Visual improvements for tabs and file browser on Yosemite.

Various fixes. To enable this behavior run: If you have a non-Latin keyboard and see unexpected behavior wrt.

Macromates textmate

Macromates TextMate 2 64 bit

This manual covers TextMate 1. This is set using the top pop-up control. A document will only be saved when it has been modified. Command Input When running a command the various environment variables will be available for the command to read and use.

In addition, the command can read either the entire document or the selected text as input stdin. So if we make a command like tr '[a-z]' '[A-Z]' uppercase text and set input to Selected Text but fallback to word and set output to replace selected text, then running the command with no selection, will uppercase the current word.

One fallback unit which requires a little explanation is Scope. When the input is set to this, TextMate will search backwards and forwards for the first character which is not matched by the scope selector of the command and use those as boundaries for the input. This means that if the language grammar marks up URLs and gives these a scope of markup. The text used for Unit should be a single word representing the fallback unit, i.

Character, Word, Line, Scope or what the scope represents, but as a single word , or Document. Show as Tool Tip — commands which are mainly actions, like submit the selection to a pasting service or similar can discretely report the status of the action using just a tool tip. It is especially useful for commands which need to report incremental progress, as shown with the Xcode Build below.

Create New Document — with some transformations like converting a Markdown document to HTML it may be preferable to open the result in a new document rather than overwrite the existing document and that is what this option is for.

There are also commands for which the result is best shown as a document, for example the output from diff can be shown as a new document to get nice syntax coloring. A progress indicator is shown in the upper right hand corner while the command is running and it can be aborted by closing the output window a confirmation requester is presented.

JavaScript running as part of the output has access to a TextMate object with a system method that mimics the one provided to Dashboard widgets. The TextMate object also has an isBusy property which can be set to true or false to control the windows progress indicator.

For further information see the Dashboard documentation. This is useful either when the command reports errors or warnings with the current document e. Mainly this is useful for typesetting programs like LaTeX, where it is then possible to typeset and view the result without leaving TextMate. It is possible to redirect to other pages and thereby treat the HTML output as a shortcut to your browser.

URL scheme. Instead you can use the tm-file: URL scheme, which works exactly like file: Changing Output Type There are situations where it is useful to change the output option of a command from within the command. TextMate has a few predefined bash functions which can be used for this purpose.

The list of functions is as follows:


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