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Forward the email and receipt to your personal email address in order to access the download link from your home computer. Step 5: Once home, click through the receipt email to install the software. If you are having troubles with the Microsoft Home Use Program, you may need to contact Microsoft customer support. Before you do that, try using a different military email address if you have one. Air Force us.

Access calculating discount rate

Access calculating discount rate - Microsoft Community

Similar to previous versions, with Excel you can export and import data to and from SharePoint lists and provide one-way synchronization from SharePoint lists to Excel spreadsheets so that you can take the data offline, and then synchronize with the SharePoint lists when you reconnect. The combination of SharePoint and Access makes it easy for you to build a desktop database against SharePoint. You can store an Access database in a SharePoint library, which lets you and your team collaborate easily with the Access database solution. You can also move data held in Access tables to SharePoint lists, exposing the lists in the Access database as linked tables that allow updates in SharePoint lists to be reflected in the Access table, and vice versa. If you do not possess the skills or privileges to be a Microsoft SQL Server database administrator, you can still obtain the manageability and stability benefits of storing data on the server while retaining the use of Access. Also, the data in the linked tables is stored locally on your computer so that you can work offline with data, and then synchronize the changes when you reconnect.

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