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Microsoft office 2010 home and student family pack low price

Article Author Yes, it will work just fine for you. The retail edition of Office Home and Student, the "family pack", allows you to run office on up to 3 computers at the same time "in your home". AND, it allows you to transfer those installations to new computers in the future. You can either activate pre-installed Office trials that you find on many new computers, as you did on the Win7 machine. For computers that do not have a trial installed, you can download and save the installation file to the hard drive of the Vista computer and then run it to do the installation.

During the installation process you will be asked if you want to activate it. Select Internet activation and enter the same 25 character "Product Key" you used on the Win7 computer. If you don't have the Installation disk, with your product key handy, go to one of these sites and download the Home and Student 32 bit installation file.

On the download page assuming you have a high speed internet connection , look near the bottom of the page for an "Advanced" button. This will take you to another download page. These download are for "normal" installations. The downloads on the first page are for the "ClickRun" installation. You don't want it for various technical reasons. Then you should burn it to one or more DVDs for future use. And at the same time, write down the product key on the DVD.

You need both items for future installations, say after your computer crashes and you have re-installed windows. You will need your original Product Key. It is the most important part of your Office purchase. As well, keep the credit card receipt with the purchase.

Record the "Product ID" from the help pane too. With all of that information, if you need to get a new copy of office from MS some time in the future after fire, flood, breakin Just print everything out and store it a safe place away from the computer, like a safe deposit box.

Sure, Home and Student is relatively inexpensive, but if you have a couple of copies or the more expensive versions and it makes the effort worthwhile.

Discount Microsoft office 2010 home and student family pack low price

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