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Renew your Office Home or Office Personal subscription online through Microsoft, or buy If you need help managing your payment, see Add, update, or remove credit cards and Office for business admins: See Renew Office for business, which applies to most paid Office for business subscriptions. I was browsing through the Microsoft website and I came across the Office I didn't have to insert my credit card or pay pal or anything. All the details on the Microsoft Office free trial. iPhone · Android · Internet & Network · Digital Cameras · Home Theater Although the trial is free, Microsoft gathers your payment details during the trial download process so that your credit card can be A business man cancels Office using his laptop.

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By Andy Lax Updated May 11, Getting paid by credit card makes a home-based business more attractive to its customers. They'll appreciate the convenience of charging their purchases, and your sales may increase—even skyrocket—because they can make impulse purchases more easily when they pay for them instantly.

Justly or unjustly, the ability to accept credit cards gives home-based businesses more credibility and the appearance of being more established than those that accept only cash and checks. Getting paid by credit card can make your business life easier, too. Payments can't bounce as checks do when a customer's account holds insufficient funds.

Some home-based business owners are intimidated by the process of accepting credit cards or worry about the associated fees, which used to be outrageous. But the growing popularity of e-commerce and the power of the Internet have created new options for home-based business owners.

This is where your credit card payments will be deposited. You have three options: You can use a bank, a third party provider like PayPal, or an independent sales organization. Businesses with low sales volumes generally pay the least with third-party providers because of the absence of monthly fees, but this arrangement also results in the longest waiting times to actually receive the funds.

Businesses with higher sales volumes pay the least with banks or an independent sales organizations because the discount percentages per transaction are lower than those offered by third-party processing companies. Getting approved for a merchant account with a bank can be difficult, however. Many banks refrain from providing credit card processing capabilities to home-based businesses , particularly online businesses that lack a brick-and-mortar counterpart.

Consequently, most home-based business owners are best suited to working with independent sales organizations that are affiliated with banks that encourage business relationships with home-based merchants—even those with less-than-perfect credit. Many independent sales organizations allow merchants to use cosigners who have better credit. If you work with a third-party provider, the provider's name appears on the statement.

Customers are less likely to recognize this name and may initiate chargebacks as a result—an expensive, losing proposition for your business. Many third-party processing companies place a lower cap on the monthly volume and the highest ticket amount.

As your business grows, you should anticipate a higher transaction volume. Working through an independent sales organization is the best way for home-based business owners to get paid by credit card in most cases, but it can depend on your specific circumstances. Many merchant account providers have special packages for home-based businesses, so take the time to shop around for the best deal.

Get Paid by Credit Card Now that you have a merchant account, you need a way to actually accept credit card payments. If your home-based business has its own website, consider setting up an Internet gateway with a shopping cart. Incorporating a shopping cart that includes the product catalog and purchasing interface into your website provides the most convenience for your customers. You can use a virtual terminal if you don't have a website.

Services like DialPay allow you to use a touch-tone phone to enter the credit card information and receive immediate notification of sufficient funds. You can also purchase or lease the equipment necessary to swipe credit cards in your own home if you usually interact with your clients in person.

A variety of companies cater to home-based businesses and will do everything they can to help you through the process. Take your time and shop around. Make sure you understand all the associated fees. Compare deals until you find the one that best suits your specific needs. Continue Reading.

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