Siemens Solid Edge ST7 for sale

Siemens solid edge st7 sale

Despite the maturity of the product, Solid Edge lags behind better-known competitors in terms of brand awareness and adoption; SEU is a gathering of hundreds of users, not thousands.

Efforts to support and enlarge the user community include the Solid Edge Community portal , where users can ask questions, read blog posts and announcements, and help their peers; a growing roster of user meetings and training events; and new curricula and project materials for the Solid Edge academic program. That emphasis on fostering the next generation of Solid Edge users was evident at SEU, which highlighted the Siemens-supported Greenpower project, in which students ranging from nine years old through college age design and race single-seat electric cars.

In addition, presenter David Hutton — inventor of a hand-operated, inexpensive, maintenance-free irrigation pump for small farmers — explained that he was introduced to Solid Edge when he used a free educational version as a university student. Following in the tradition of its predecessors, the new version incorporates more than 1, customer requests, said Staples.

Many of the new features are focused in four areas, and include the following capabilities: Accelerated 3D design. A built-in, automatic notepad keeps track of the measurements.

The Blank Body feature can be applied to fabric as well, as with this upholstered seat. Solid Edge ST7 users can quickly duplicate components such as this engine mount upper left , and place the copies in all required locations around the engine model. According to internal testing, the new capabilities enable users to create photorealistic renderings of native 3D models up to five times more quickly.

With LiveLink, changes made to the model are updated in KeyShot. Although KeyShot and Solid Edge are bundled, the two applications remain separate, so users can continue their design work while images and animations are being rendered. Thomas Teger, vice-president of Products and Strategy at Luxion, shared the example of golf club manufacturer Wilson, which saves time by going directly from the 3D models of its products to renderings for advertisements, bypassing the traditional photo shoot altogether.

Streamlined data management. A new workflow site compiles user interactions, simplifying the creation and manipulation of workflows. Solid Edge SP supports automatic links to assemblies and components that are being created and revised.

More intuitive user interface. Expanded capabilities through apps. These include integrated solutions for parts libraries, 3D printing, simulation, manufacturing, and mobile device support.

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Purchasing Siemens solid edge st7 sale

Faster and more flexible 3D part and assembly modeling, photorealistic renderings and improved 2D drawing production capabilities that enable you to improve product design and get products to market ahead of your competitors Expanded visual design management capabilities enable you to complete projects faster and more efficiently Wider capabilities for design, manufacturing and collaboration through powerful new and expanded Solid Edge Apps that speed design through manufacturing Significant user interface enhancements and easier access to leading design technology speed time-to-value for product development for all types of organizations, from startups to established manufacturers Accelerate your 3D modeling Faster and more flexible 3D part and assembly modeling, expanded use of syn -chronous technology, photorealistic rendering and enhanced 2D drawing pro -duction capabilities enable you to design better products and get those products to market ahead of their competition. While there are hundreds of customer enhancements included in Solid Edge ST7, here are the key highlights: You can also use 3D Sketch to model pipes and wires that are bent in more than one plane, and in the assembly environ -ment for the definition of exact paths for piping, wiring and tubing.

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