Sony cinescore low price

Sony cinescore low price

View Full Version: End of Cinescore? David Jasany November 30th, , I just opened a 1-week old email from Sony advertising a clearance on Cinescore. Towards the end of the email it states: There is some more news about Cinescore on the SmartSound website. Chris November 30th, ,

Purchase Sony cinescore low price

Sony Cinescore - EMusician

Oct 24, So when Sony claimed it was possible to basically automate this process, I was skeptical. After all, I put a lot of work into creating these soundtracks; how could a piece of software do the same thing? The workspace has four tracks: This makes it possible to assemble multiple video clips together, then create the audio. Note, however, that WAV and AIFF audio files can be dragged into any of the audio tracks, so technically there are a total of three audio tracks available.

You can filter themes by instrument, tempo, genre, artist, keywords, etc. Next, you choose a variation on the theme; the audio preview button helps a lot with respect to finding you want. After setting up your basics, the Generated Music dialog box appears. Here you decide about the ending: But this is also where you hit the heart of Cinescore: You drop hints, with an almost dizzying array of options, into the timeline to change the course of the generated music.

Still with me? But the ability to key musical changes precisely to changes in the video is what puts Cinescore in a class by itself. Finally, you can audition the entire soundtrack, or portions of it, to make sure all the changes are as desired. This offers the usual play, pause, stop, etc. Once you click OK, the music goes on the generated music track. You can also edit or recreate the generated music if you change your mind later on.

The score is saved as a WAV file, so you can process, edit, re-use, or master it. For example, I just did a video where there was a solo guitar player, and it was decided that the soundtrack needed drums playing along with the guitarist.

So, I dragged a bunch of individual hits and a few loops from the Discrete Drum libraries into Vegas, and matched the hits up with the guitar notes. What it can do, though, is shift gears very ably to match moods, and do so on a dime.

When you specify that the soundtrack get more intense, it really does get more intense. Being able to drop back to something more minimal, then build up to something more complex, is an incredibly powerful technique as is stretching tempo. The secret weapon is the transitions track, as you can line up hits and sound effects very precisely with any visual cues. This furthers the sense that the soundtrack was crafted specifically with the video in mind. Product type: Target market: Studios doing audio-for-video work that need to produce quality soundtracks despite low budgets and tight deadlines.

Copy protection: Serial number and registration. Actually does what it purports to do. Easy to use, but you can get pretty deeply into editing if desired. Audio plug-ins not supported.

Limited to the themes that come with the program, and whatever add-on themes appear in the future.


Sony Cinescore Big Picture: Stop Auto-Scoing "Films", Start Auto-Scoring Blockbusters

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