Telestream Screenflow 2 Cheap Price

Telestream screenflow 2 cheap price

For this reason, I think editing is more streamlined in screenflow once you know what you are doing A few other things I've noticed Screenflow handles transparent overlays from Apple Motion - Camtasia currently does not It may be a bug that will be fixed in a future release Camtasia does a better job with chapter markers - you can attach them to media in the timeline so they stay with the media if you move the media around, also Camtaisias "Export for web" preserves the chapter marks, and creates a menu with thumbnails.

Screenflow chapter marks are more limited - they are only added to the timeline which means if you delete scene and slide things over, your marker is in the wrong place. Also, screenflow will export the chapters in a video file, but they are only readable by quicktime. The screenflow web export does not preserve or use chapter markers. Neither program allows you to export the markers as text so dont really have an option of putting in markers and then using them externally somehow.

Screenflow has an effect that lets you zoom in a part of the screen while leaving the rest at nornal size which is a pretty neat effect for tutorials -Camtasia will only let you zoom the whole screen, not just part - so in screenflow you can really make a dialog box "stand out" which is awesome -I wish Camtasia had that. Export options are a little different - Camtasia supports youtube, and Screencast. Camtasia uses less CPU when recording but it may well be recording at a lower frame rate In summary both are great programs, but as you can see, both have a few shortcomings, neither is perfect.

Like 10 Macinman 27 February I wanted to leave a note here about an issue I have with screenFlow 8. If you are interested in the newest features in ScreenFlow, let Lucas walk you through the simple process of upgrading from ScreenFlow 4, 5, 6 or 7 to the brand new ScreenFlow 8. Check out the new features below! How to Upgrade Upgrading is easy!

Version 8 is a paid upgrade. Versions 1, 2, and 3 are not eligible for upgrade pricing. If you install version 8 without upgrading or purchasing a new serial number, your videos exported from ScreenFlow 8 will contain a watermark until you have entered a valid version 8 serial. Please select which version of ScreenFlow you are upgrading from: Upgrade Instructions You will retain the same serial number. Failure to ensure your copy of ScreenFlow version 6 or 7 is activated, or failing to enter your version 6 or 7 serial in version 8, will result in upgrade pricing not being offered in the application.

On a new mac? Enter your version 6 or 7 serial number. Click "Upgrade" to access the Telestream store. Here are your options: If you are still unable to see upgrade pricing in-app, you may alternatively use our Web Upgrade Tool to look up your serial number via an email address, or if you know it, upgrade your serial number online.

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I feel like Camtasia 2. To compare them a bit, Camtasia lets you record a region, Screenflow does not. Camtasia has a very friendly Mouse centric UI by mouse centric, Screenflow has a more cumbersome UI, but they make up for it with lots of keyboard commands. Camtasia lacks many keyboard commands useful during editing, so you'll be using the mouse to drag effects from an effects browser to your timeline, in Screenflow, you can hit a key combo.

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